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Stephen Malouf

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Advice for companies : Our unique and personalized approach supports entrepreneurs in their various decisions. We are here to carry out your projects and grow your business. We provide personalized services to help ease your financial uncertainty and stress. Stephen takes complex situations, explains them in common sense terms to guide clients to make the right decision based on their situation. Stephen can help you focus your business. Allow Stephen to help you evaluate what your business needs and make it optimized for growth and profitability. The expert is you, your experience, and your business. Stephen’s part is to offer support from his own experience to help you see clearly and invest wisely in your business. Call us today at (514) 586-5458 and see how we can help you differentiating yourself from the competition to create a go-to-market strategy to acquire new clients.

What our strategy consulting can do for you : Your business development strategy can be key to the success or failure of your firm. Business development is the process that is used to identify, nurture, and acquire new clients and business opportunities to drive growth and profitability.


Strategic Planning : Capture, Educate, Convert

Often a company struggles to articulate the WHY, the HOW, the WHAT.

It all starts with the creation of the right goods and services for your client.

Investing in the development of the right goods and services for your target market is the basis of building a successful small business. Each segment has unique needs, goals, opinions, and values. It is therefore essential to focus your messages properly and resist the temptation to address all your customers in the same way because each segment will react differently to the go-to-market strategy you use. That said, you need to understand what an agency can do for you before you decide where you need help. We can determine each segment of your market and provide you with a go-to-market strategy to drive revenue.

Stephen Malouf has a broad range of business experience in sales, marketing, production, operations, finance. Stephen takes complex situations, explains them in common sense terms to guide clients to make the right decision based on their situation. Stephen is an accountant, tax consultant, financial analyst, trusted advisor. Stephen received a Bachelor of commerce degree (finance and business law) from Concordia University. Prior to starting an accounting firm in 2008, Stephen worked as a consultant on a wide array of strategic and operational opportunities, primarily restructuring clothing companies to remain profitable in the 2000's. His earlier career includes managing a vertically integrated cut and sew apparel manufacturer and pioneering sales into the United States market to major clothing retailers in the 1990’s.

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